The Woodlands Braces

Our approach to orthodontics is to preserve all teeth for a broader fuller smile and an aesthetic facial profile. We straighten teeth without extracting teeth to create space. We create the necessary space for all teeth to be straightened by expanding the arches holding the teeth. Using principles of expansion we can create the exact space required to hold the teeth permanently over time. A philosophy of some practitioners is to extract permanent teeth in order to gain space for straightening. We are aware that some jaw formations and situations of crowding might require the removal of permanent teeth. When presented with patients in this situation, we will refer them to an orthodontic specialist.

We believe that good orthodontic care will result in straight teeth and better smiles. We strive to eliminate any discomfort and minimize the inconvenience of orthodontic care. Patients are generally willing to endure some inconvenience for the benefits derived from creating an improved smile. The length of treatment and the number of visits are usually the most inconvenient aspects of care. In about a year and in about seven visits teeth can be straightened and a better smile created. This is our forte. This is our message. We will straighten your teeth and make you smile in less than the usual 24 months, usually in about one year.

Shorter treatment times and fewer visits translate into lower treatment fees. Our fees are generally lower than the usual and customary range of $5000 – $6000. After a free exam and consultation and a $300 records fee our treatment fees have a range of $3000 – $4500. These low fees allow more patients to afford orthodontic care. A great smile is so important for so many reasons. Now, most everyone can afford to have straight teeth and better smiles.

Because white teeth are the center of attraction in a smile, we recommend patients have their teeth whitened after the orthodontic care is completed. Bright white teeth make a huge difference when making a great smile.

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