Affordable Orthodontics in The Woodlands, TX

At Woodlands Village Braces, we are committed to ensuring that exceptional orthodontic care is within reach for every individual seeking a healthier, straighter smile. We understand that finances are an important consideration on your journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our flexible approach means there’s always an option to meet your needs and budget. During your visit, we’ll help explore financing and insurance options that fit seamlessly into your life.


Flexible Payment Plans

After an orthodontic examination is complete, we’ll present a treatment estimate. To help make financing accessible and stress-free, we offer flexible payment options to meet your budget needs. Patients have the option to pay for the full fee before beginning treatment, or to pay a down payment with monthly installments during treatment. We also have the option for monthly payments with a balloon payment similar to the down payment at the end of treatment.


To facilitate the monthly payment process, we require a credit card to use for debiting the agreed-upon monthly payment on the first of the month. Payments may also be made with cash or checks delivered to our office, with a 5% discount on cash payments. We’ll go over your options and concerns during your consultation so you’ll know exactly what to expect and feel confident through the entire process.


Estimated Costs for Orthodontic Treatment

The cost of orthodontics varies according to the type and length of treatment. Each individual’s case is different and requires an exam to create a personalized treatment plan to determine the length and type of treatment. Below are general estimations for treatment fees for a typical 12 to 15 month treatment plan:

Conditions apply and costs may vary from patient to patient. After your initial consultation, we’ll provide an accurate estimation based on your individual needs.


Interest-Free Financing with CareCredit®

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card used for medical, dental, and orthodontic treatment. Patients may apply online at home or in our office. When approved, CareCredit offers interest-free financing for 6 and 12 month periods. This is a great program that makes orthodontic care available for more patients. For more details on financing with CareCredit, get in touch with us or visit their website at


Insurance Accepted

For financial support, we accept most PPO insurance programs. We will help file the claim for payment towards the full fee, so you can avoid the paperwork and focus on improving your smile. All insurance companies do not have the same reimbursement policies. We ask that you provide the insurance company form and policy information for our team so we can help make the most of your benefits.


New Patient Specials

Affordable Consultations Cash Payment Discount Smile Assurance Plan
A straighter smile begins with a consultation. New patient consultations are only $25 to determine your treatment plan and get started with transformative orthodontics. Patients can receive 5% off the cost of their treatment plan by paying cash. The Smile Assurance Plan ensures your in good hands long after treatment is done. This includes discounted replacement retainers and retreatment plans if teeth shift after removing orthodontics.


We Make a Straighter Smile More Accessible

At Woodlands Village Braces, we understand that your smile is a priceless asset, and we’re here to help you invest in its transformation. Reach out to our dedicated team today at (832) 536-6718 to discuss your financing and insurance options. Together, we’ll design a plan that aligns with your unique needs and budget, ensuring that your new smile journey is smooth and worry-free. Contact us now and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident you.

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