Fixed, Removable, and Clear Retainers in The Woodlands, TX

We provide orthodontics that not only help you achieve a straight smile. We help you keep it for life. That’s why we offer the best in clear, fixed, and removable retainers tailored to every patient’s needs. Whether it’s a retainer after Invisalign treatment or a convenient solution once your braces are off, you’ll have an experienced partner to preserve your smile at Woodlands Village Braces.


Keep Your Smile Straight and Healthy

Retainers are custom-made devices that fit over or against teeth to prevent shifting out of alignment after orthodontic treatment. After teeth are realigned, they aren’t firmly in place right away. The surrounding gums and bones need time to adjust to the new positions of the teeth. In order to ensure they adjust with the teeth in the right position, a retainer is an essential tool. Braces and Invisalign® aligners will shift teeth a straighter smile, but retainers are the best way to make sure teeth stay that way.


Types of Retainers

Retainers can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of each patient. A retainer will always be tailored for the most comfortable and effective fit, and the differences lie in the materials and way they’re affixed to the teeth.

  • Removable Retainers: Removable plastic retainers fit over the teeth with a thin wire to maintain proper alignment. They’re adjustable, repairable, and durable retainer options. A removable plastic retainer can be taken out before brushing and eating for better oral health and next to no special maintenance.
  • Fixed Retainers: Fixed retainers are solid wires that are bonded to the inside surfaces of teeth. Since they’re bonded, they’re only removable by an orthodontist. These are especially useful when teeth are at a higher risk of relapsing or when maintaining proper use with a removable retainer is difficult. Regular flossing may be a challenge around these teeth, and we’ll provide extra instructions on how to best care for your teeth.
  • Clear Retainers: Clear retainers are plastic retainer trays that fit snugly over teeth. They resemble Invisalign, but work by maintaining the position of teeth instead of shifting them into a new one. Clear retainers are virtually invisible, removable, and not as bulky as other options. These qualities make clear retainers excellent options for many patients looking for a comfortable and discreet option.


Smile Assurance Plan

Once you’ve earned your straighter smile, we deliver two sets of retainers to make sure it stays that way. That said, accidents can happen. You may misplace or accidentally damage the retainers and be left with the need for a costly replacement. To make replacement retainers affordable and convenient, we offer our Smile Assurance Plan so you’re not left choosing between paying for a replacement or risking living without one.


Patients who join the Smile Assurance Plan can have custom-made replacement retainers made with a discounted fee. In cases where retreatment is necessary from shifting or insufficient retainer use, retreatment plans with braces or Invisalign are also created with a heavily discounted fee. The Smile Assurance Plan ensures you have a partner in Woodland Village Braces to protect your smile and your budget long after orthodontic treatment is finished.


Retain Your Smile Investment for Life

Your smile’s journey doesn’t end when your braces or aligners come off. An expertly made retainer from an experienced team makes sure you always have the benefits of your investment. At Woodlands Village Braces, we’re here to ensure you can maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. To learn more or book a consultation, reach out to us at (832) 536-6718 and let’s discuss how our personalized retainers can keep your smile in its perfect place.

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