General Dentistry and Preventative Care in The Woodlands, TX

At Woodlands Village Braces, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond orthodontics. We’re proud to offer a range of general dentistry services, ensuring that your smile stays healthy and shining. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Craig Pettey, a certified general dentist with over 20 years of expertise, is dedicated to safeguarding your oral health through preventative measures and personalized solutions. From routine cleanings and checkups to specialized treatments, we’re here to provide you and your family with a home for exceptional dental care.


Dental Cleanings & Checkups

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are the cornerstone of preventative care. Our compassionate approach ensures that both children and adults receive thorough examinations to catch potential issues early and maintain optimal oral health. Through professional cleanings, we remove plaque buildup and tartar, preventing decay and gum disease. Our commitment to preventative care extends beyond treatment, focusing on education and personalized hygiene routines to empower you to preserve your smile’s brilliance between visits.


At the end of your checkup, we’ll perform a quick oral cancer screening to catch any symptoms at their earliest stages. Early identification of oral cancer symptoms ensures you can access prompt medical care to restore your health. A simple screening by your dentist can make an impactful difference in your oral and overall health.


Dental Fillings

When cavities threaten your smile, our dental filling solutions come to the rescue. These versatile treatments not only restore the integrity of your teeth but also prevent further decay from spreading. Our use of high-quality materials ensures a seamless blend with your natural teeth, delivering both aesthetic and functional benefits. With dental fillings, we strive to bring back the strength, function, and beauty of your smile, providing lasting protection against decay.


TMJ Disorder Evaluation

Jaw pain and discomfort can disrupt your daily life. A common culprit is TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder. This joint is the hinge that connects your upper and lower jaw together, allowing you to chew, speak, and sleep comfortably.


Our TMJ evaluations offer a comprehensive assessment of your jaw function to diagnose underlying issues. Dr. Craig Pettey’s expertise enables us to identify the root cause of your discomfort and provide tailored solutions. Whether through mouthguards or orthodontic treatments, we aim to alleviate your pain, restore proper function, and enhance your overall well-being.


Your Journey to Optimal Dental Health Starts Here

Experience the comprehensive care and expertise of Woodlands Village Braces. Contact us today at (832) 536-6718 to schedule your general dentistry appointment. From preventative care to specialized solutions, we’re dedicated to nurturing your smile’s health and beauty for years to come. Let us partner with you on your path to a lifetime of confident smiles.

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