“Dr Pettey was very professional and thorough. He has been meticulous in creating my smile. I love the staff. They are super nice. The whole office is friendly and respectful. I have no complaints. Everything was perfect!”

“The office is very clean and the staff are always friendly and on time. It is a happy place to visit. Defintely give it a try.”

” I love my smile because it so different from what it was. I am no longer self conscious about it so I smile more often and more easily. The staff was really good about helping me understand the process and that was important to me. They were awesome.”

“Very easy going, trustworthy, nice and comforting atmosphere.”   Sam

“Great service, Quick appointments, Quality ,and speed. The staff and Doctor are easy to work with.”

“I really like my smile. They made some big changes. The office staff was very professional and the doctor delivered on what he said could be accomplished. I recommend them highly.”

“The whole process was amazing. I was treated professionally and my smile is awewsome!”

” My experience at Woodlands Village Braces was a good one. The staff was always friendly and my appointments were short. I had a hidden tooth trapped behind another tooth. That corrected in a few short months. The results are great. I really like my smile.”

” They had a big challenge with my mouth and now I have a quality smile. It is a very friendly place. I felt super comfortable.”

” It is a great place to fix your teeth.  It was fast > and l like my smile a lot.”

” They gave me nice results and were quick and fast. There was really nothing bad about this office or staff.”

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