Protect Your Smile and Your Wallet

Finishing treatment with braces or Invisalign® is an accomplishment, and a more beautiful smile is a wonderful reward. To ensure you keep your new smile straight and beautiful, we make replacing retainers simple and affordable with our Smile Assurance Plan. For $100, a patient can join this plan to have damaged or lost retainers replaced at a discounted fee. Replacement retainers are crafted to match your originals to preserve your smile. With proper use, they’re even able to correct minor changes to relapsed and shifted teeth. In cases where major shifting has occurred, you’ll have further protection for fixing your smile. The plan includes heavily discounted braces and Invisalign trays if retreatment is necessary.


Keep Your Smile with Discounted Retainers

To maintain your smile and prevent teeth shifting, properly wearing a retainer is essential. We always recommend two sets to our patients for easy access whether traveling or at home, and include two sets for every patient as part of their orthodontic treatment plan. However, accidents can happen. Patients may lose or accidentally damage their retainers with use. Without this important tool, the investment made in your smile may be lost as your teeth shift away from their proper positions. The Smile Assurance Plan makes sure you don’t lose your smile progress from a simple accident.


Create, Preserve, and Enjoy Your Beautiful Smile

With the Smile Assurance Plan, you can trust Dr. Craig Pettey and the team at Woodlands Village Braces are at your side long after treatment is complete. We’ll provide dependable retainers in The Woodlands, TX so you aren’t left searching for expensive solutions. Our goal is not only to create straighter teeth, but to help you preserve it so you can enjoy the benefits for years of confident smiles.

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